What is your order cut off time for same day delivery?

Our order cut off for same day delivery is 2pm Monday to Friday and 11am for Saturdays.

What time will my order be delivered?

We aim to get our delivery runs on the road early as possible, though we can take large volumes of orders daily which can vary the delivery times.
Market mornings means we may be a bit slower in getting deliveries out a little as we are prepping fresh flowers from the markets.
Business deliveries will be delivered prior to 5pm unless specified. 
Peak times like Valentines Day and Mothers Day may come with further delays

Can I request a delivery time?

You can request a delivery time, and we will do our best to fulfill your request.
However, delivery runs can mean we are in a different location at your said time. Also, your request may be to early or late for our couriers.
Please note your requested delivery time in special delivery instructions. 

Who delivers your flowers?

We have personal staff members who deliver our flowers, so we have direct contact with these people at any time, unlike outsourced courier companies.
This ensures we know what condition your flowers arrive in, and we can contact you direct should there be any issues upon delivery.

What happens if no one is home at time of delivery?

Upon check out there will be a check box which asks can your delivery be left if no one is home.
Should your delivery be left, we will do out utmost best to ensure your delivery is in a safe place, out of sight of the road or foot traffic. It would be left with a water source in a shaded area.
In the case you do not select the box to have your delivery left, we will make an attempt to contact you directly, in the case you are not contactable, we will contact the recipient with the number you have provided. Should re delivery be required another delivery charge will be paid. 
Alternatively we can return the flowers to the store to where you or the recipient can collect during business hours.

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